Maroni's basin survey project

You'll find here the main results of Maroni's basin fisheries survey analysis

What do fishers eat, and when

Overview of catch for all important species. See below the seasonnal variations. A heavy reliance on piscivorous fish raise the question of mercury accumulation in this region plagued by (illegal) gold mining.

Communities and fishing gears

Above are shown the proportions of each kind of fishing gear embarked per fishing trip. If embarked gears look similar, Aluku and Ameridians show different fishing strategies: less fishing trips for Alukus but whith more nets and catch per trip.

Differences in fishing effort

The differences in startegies are apparent here too: Aluku do catch more per fishing trip, but less per square meter of tremmal net.

Comparison with upstream scientific survey

Graph above shows un-equal fish's weights distributions when looking at all species referred above, caught by nets in the river basin, wether by fishers or during our scientific survey. This effect is still apparent for single species for which enough data is available, as shown below (even if it is more visible when looking at weight density of probability than when looking at maps).

Sustainability question

With a quickly growing population, will Ameridian's food diet change?